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Healthy New Year! {Choc Nut Fudge – Dairy, Gluten & Sugar Free}

So here we are in January 2017! The Christmas tree has been taken down, the ham is long finished – even the candy canes are all eaten up. There’s nothing left to stop you enacting your New Year’s resolutions of going to bed early, doing more exercise… and eating healthier?! That is, if you’re in to making goals… Continue reading Healthy New Year! {Choc Nut Fudge – Dairy, Gluten & Sugar Free}


#2016bestnine {Here’s to 2017…}

Feeling nostalgic, I am! Inspired even… and a little bit Yoda it seems 😉 NYE is making me think through 2016 and look ahead to my hopes and dreams for 2017… First up: 2016 nostalgia. After seeing all of the year-end summaries and #2016bestnine collages all over the socials I couldn’t help myself…so here are… Continue reading #2016bestnine {Here’s to 2017…}

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Merry Christmastagram! {+ Rhubarb Custard & Mango Mousse Tarts}

#instacake #cakestagram #cakesofinstagram If you’re a keen social media user and baker / caker, these #hashtags might be familiar to you. If not, you will wonder how I’ve so quickly lost my grasp of the English language. It’s actually kind of hard to explain, as I discovered when trying to do so for my lovely-but-uninitiated… Continue reading Merry Christmastagram! {+ Rhubarb Custard & Mango Mousse Tarts}

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Ginger Bikkies (or Cookies or Crackers!)

First things first: bikkies, biscuits, cookies – it doesn’t matter. You can call them what you like. Crackers, even! (As in, graham crackers, for those in the US). I won’t judge you. They’re all the same to me. The reason for calling them ‘bikkies’ is simply because this recipe traces its origins to Red Puppy Bikkie… Continue reading Ginger Bikkies (or Cookies or Crackers!)


Baking for a Grey-t Cause! {Depressed Cake Shop Christchurch}

This past week I had the honour of being involved in the first-ever Depressed Cake Shop pop-up in Christchurch. It’s a world-wide movement that started in the UK to raise awareness of mental illness and to also raise money for mental health charities, using the universal language of baking (read more here). All DCS baked goods… Continue reading Baking for a Grey-t Cause! {Depressed Cake Shop Christchurch}


Kiwi As, Sugar! {New Zealand Cake Collaboration}

A quick post here to show a few more photos including progress shots from the cake I submitted as my entry into the ‘Kiwi as – in sugar art’ collaboration. This collab involved a huge bunch of awesome New Zealand bakers, each creating a cake or cookie masterpiece around the theme of… New Zealand! So bring… Continue reading Kiwi As, Sugar! {New Zealand Cake Collaboration}


Mallow Out {Chocolate Marshmallow Slice}

It started with a Donna Hay magazine. I love her simple, elegant food styling and delicious – often decadent – ingredient matching. And I love even more the tasty themes of the her latest issue – especially a whole feature on s’mores!! I made the s’more caramel slice (the first-ever recipe involving marshmallow that I have made)… Continue reading Mallow Out {Chocolate Marshmallow Slice}