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Missing Cafe Kai {Pork, Fennel & Sage Sausage Rolls}

Hope all is well in your ‘bubble’ and that you’re not tearing your hair out looking for things to do for yourself and/or any littlelies in your care, during these trying times!! We have much to be thankful for in our house – or so I remind myself when I psych myself up for cooking… Continue reading Missing Cafe Kai {Pork, Fennel & Sage Sausage Rolls}


Isolation Cheesecakes {Individual Berry Cheesecakes}

What a strange (and somewhat scary) time we’re living in! A month ago I was posting about our fabulous fourth annual Galentine’s Day party, never dreaming that just one month later a ‘party’ would only consist of the people I live with (my “bubble” of Mr Sweet nor’westerly and 22 month-old master SN) and that… Continue reading Isolation Cheesecakes {Individual Berry Cheesecakes}

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Pink and Gold Girly Time {Galentines Day 2020}

How is it (mid)February 2020 already?! Something to do, I suspect, with time speeding up as I hurtled through January in anticipation of the last weekend, when I headed up catering for our church’s annual camp. Then a blip of two weeks and suddenly Galentine’s Day was here again! What’s more, I had two other… Continue reading Pink and Gold Girly Time {Galentines Day 2020}

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Homes for Christmas {Gingerbread Biscuits & Houses}

If you thought you weren’t getting an obligatory Christmas recipe this year, then let me remind you of the meaning of ‘obligatory’ 😉 I’ve been giving this recipe a work out lately with a bunch of festive cookies, and two special gingerbread houses (homes?!) for our dedicated Plunket staff who have been working so hard… Continue reading Homes for Christmas {Gingerbread Biscuits & Houses}


Party Popping {Caramel Popcorn}

And suddenly it’s December, and I’m having that same internal conversation where I ask myself where the year has gone?! Thankfully, the delicious foodie opportunities of the season make me feel better about time speeding past… it’s party time!!! For the past couple of summers I have been cranking out this absolutely addictive popcorn. It’s… Continue reading Party Popping {Caramel Popcorn}


Bake Sale-worthy Carrot Cake {Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing}

Spring has truly sprung in Christchurch, complete with rain showers every second day that make it hard to know whether to hang out the washing or wait before watering the plants… But spring has it’s beautiful benefits: our garden has been slowly filling with blooms, from a patch where I planted wildflower seeds in autumn,… Continue reading Bake Sale-worthy Carrot Cake {Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing}


Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Revisited {SMBC Recipe 2.0}

Are you keen to pipe buttercream like a professional? Or to smooth icing like a star?? Do you want a buttercream that doesn’t taste gritty, just smooth and not too sweet??? Then you need Swiss meringue buttercream in your life, and this post is for you 😉 I’ve been waxing lyrical about Swiss meringue buttercream… Continue reading Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Revisited {SMBC Recipe 2.0}


Stencilled Fault-line Cake Tutorial {A Significant Birthday}

It’s that time of the year that our family celebrates three birthdays in the space of two days – in other words, an opportunity for an epic cake! And this year my lovely mother-in-law was having a Significant Birthday (21 of course!!). So this cake was definitely more of her thing than the other two… Continue reading Stencilled Fault-line Cake Tutorial {A Significant Birthday}

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Cookie Monster Cookies {Left-over Buttercream Bikkies}

So this week is Blue Week, a fundraiser for Plunket, and I’ve somehow managed to time it with this post containing BLUE biscuits! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the fabulous work of Plunket NZ since even before my son was born, starting with antenatal classes and followed by late night phone calls to Plunketline… Continue reading Cookie Monster Cookies {Left-over Buttercream Bikkies}