#2016bestnine {Here’s to 2017…}

Feeling nostalgic, I am! Inspired even… and a little bit Yoda it seems ūüėČ NYE is making me think through 2016 and look ahead to my hopes and dreams for 2017…

First up: 2016 nostalgia. After seeing all of the year-end summaries and #2016bestnine collages all over the socials I couldn’t help myself…so here are my favourite nine cakes / cakey things I’ve made this year for your viewing pleasure!


It’s been a fun year cake-wise, with fewer wedding cakes and more fun, trendy designs to learn than last year. I’m very honoured to have kind friends and family members who humour me the opportunities provided by their birthdays and other celebrations to practice the dark arts of cake. And I’m super grateful to N for (mostly) patiently bearing with the early weekend mornings of waking up to the sound of the cake mixer, and late nights spent with the oven still going at 11pm (“but I had no IDEA the batter would make so many cupcakes!”). We even got to the point when he offered to MAKE a cake because he thought I was short on time. He is the wonderfulest ‚̧ Here are some foodie (and non-foodie) pics of him xo

Now, for 2017¬†cakey resolutions, I’m inspired by Amanda¬†to let on what I’m hoping to improve next year. I’m usually not quite as well thought-out, but first time for everything…!

  1. Improve my food photography: Not a unique goal, but I want to get better with using lighting and props (and lighting props) to take better photos. We do eat with our eyes after all!
  2. Decipher WordPress and improve blog format: Will I learn CSS? Will I finally upgrade to Will I actually get a logo? And a recipe plug-in?? Only time will tell…
  3. Develop my blogging style: Nearly three years into blogging and I still manage to write screeds of words that don’t even hold my attention… hmmm. So I’m going to try simplifying content and including as many recipes as I can. Which brings us to number 4…
  4. Learn food science to help with recipe development: Without a good understanding of the reactions that take place while baking, it’s hard to predict results when developing new recipes (without substantial wastage). So I’ve got hold of some fab books thanks to some great recommendations and am hoping you will see the results of any learnings I have soon!

Please hold me to these resolutions by letting me know if I’m ignoring forgetting about ’em! I’d love to know any foodie resolutions that you have for 2017, let me know in the comments ūüôā

Personally, this year has been hard. Not only because¬†many happenings around¬†the world have been rather unexpected to many and certainly dramatic – ‘the year of upsets’ I’ve heard 2016 called. Life is an unpredictable process, and the moment we think we’re in control might be followed by another moment that punches us in the guts as a reminder that we are not!¬†The choices we make do matter. But as a Christian I ultimately trust the¬†results of my¬†and others’ actions to God who loves me and knows what I and others need. My prayer for 2017 is to have more of him through my decisions and his gracious kindness.

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous start to 2017 xo



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