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Ginger Bikkies (or Cookies or Crackers!)

First things first: bikkies, biscuits, cookies – it doesn’t matter. You can call them what you like. Crackers, even! (As in, graham crackers, for those in the US). I won’t judge you. They’re all the same to me. The reason for calling them ‘bikkies’ is simply because this recipe traces its origins to Red Puppy Bikkie… Continue reading Ginger Bikkies (or Cookies or Crackers!)


Three Weddings and A… (Birthday) Cake! {B-Day Cake At Last}

I try to publish something on this blog at least once a month – and my biggest motivator is my lovely MIL who asks me regularly when my next post will be up 🙂 Even though I’ve ended up on Oct 31sh with a not very Halloween-y post, I’m glad for the inspiration from my family to keep blogging regardless… Continue reading Three Weddings and A… (Birthday) Cake! {B-Day Cake At Last}

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Three Weddings And A… Birthday (Cake!) {Wedding No. 1}

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog-front for the past month or so – which means that it’s been busy in the kitchen! I’m finally able to share with you what I got up to slightly secretively in December and give an update of what I’ve been baking recently – namely a bunch of… Continue reading Three Weddings And A… Birthday (Cake!) {Wedding No. 1}