How To Cover a Cake with Sharp Edged Fondant {Tutorial/Demonstration Notes}

Disclaimer: This is a rambling, late night post. No attempts at brevity have been made (as per usual). Please withhold from lodging complaints related to this matter.

Yes, it is the last day of June, though I can’t even… how did we get this far through the year again?! N said to me today that the season 7 of ‘Suits’ {heaven!} comes out in July, and I felt the outrage creep up inside me as I mentally tracked through the months of the year {how-could-it-be-so-far-away} until I realised……. JULY STARTS TOMORROW!!! Disappointment was replaced by joy. Which was replaced by a slight existential crisis that time is picking up its pace around me these days :-\

Anyway back to this whole end-of-June thing, and why I haven’t posted sooner (though this is certainly not the first time I’ve been down to the wire). I aim to check-in here at least once a month and I have made promises that I have things to share – and then neglect said sharing. Well, I guess there’s no good excuse for why it hasn’t been earlier, but earlier this week I would not have envisaged having the time to post so at least there’s that. Today I actually took a day of annual leave to spend it up to my elbows in buttercream, making a wedding cake for friends who get married tomorrow (yay!) – and there will certainly be photos of that to share one day.

But we are not at that day yet and we still need to talk about something cakey-bakey / whatever-this-blog-normally-covers. So in the manner of fabulous TV chefs who turn out perfect soufflés in an instant {yes, I am going through a Julia Child phase} – although evidently the phrase did not actually stem from cookery at all – , here’s one I prepared earlier! 

Earlier this year (that is passing so fast), I was honoured to demonstrate at a meeting of my Cake Decorator’s Guild. At the request of our lovely president, I demonstrated how to achieve sharp edges on cakes covered in fondant, like this one. It was a great experience and I got my confidence up by doing a practice demo with a (very patient) friend so that I was ready for the well-trained eyes of the Guild members, some of whom have been decorating cakes longer than I’ve been alive… But afterwards several graciously told me they had learnt something during the demo!

So tonight I thought I’d share the hand-out notes that I supplied during the demonstration – they cover everything, though I didn’t include photos of very basic steps e.g. rolling out fondant icing.

Here’s the link to the PDF of the notes:  Sharp Edge Fondant Covered Cakes

Feel free to use / make copies, but please keep the link and credit to me and this site 🙂

I have to say that this is the last thing I ever thought I’d demonstrate, given that the first time I tried to cover a cake with fondant nearly three years ago I swore to myself I’d never do it again. Goes to show how time changes things – although I think I’m well tired of time having its say in how I feel today, so I’m off to take a break from it. Good night! 😀

P.S: I’d love to hear if the demonstration notes help you – would you like more of this kind of thing? What other tutorials are you keen for? (Not that I’m promising to be able to deliver but I can certainly try to point you the right way!)

P.P.S: If you’d like a great video demo of how to create sharp-edged fondant, this video by Kerry Morris of ‘Eat Cake’ is fantastic!


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