My Birthday Cake {Vanilla Passionfruit Cake}

I don’t often make a big deal about my birthday – especially this year, since my son turned two (?!?!!!) just a few weeks beforehand. But this past week I had a few friends ask to stop by on my actual birthday-day so I felt it was only right that there be birthday cake for… Continue reading My Birthday Cake {Vanilla Passionfruit Cake}



Three Weddings And A… Birthday (Cake!) {Wedding No. 2}

After that brief interlude by IBS-bleh, we’re back to IBS-bake and therefore cake! I’ve been busy with birthday cakes lately – hopefully photos to come in a post of their own, but first I must report on the promised wedding cakes… Wedding No.2: C + I = Buttercream Seascape This wedding cake was for my (very trusting!)… Continue reading Three Weddings And A… Birthday (Cake!) {Wedding No. 2}