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Missing Cafe Kai {Pork, Fennel & Sage Sausage Rolls}

Hope all is well in your ‘bubble’ and that you’re not tearing your hair out looking for things to do for yourself and/or any littlelies in your care, during these trying times!! We have much to be thankful for in our house – or so I remind myself when I psych myself up for cooking… Continue reading Missing Cafe Kai {Pork, Fennel & Sage Sausage Rolls}


Party Popping {Caramel Popcorn}

And suddenly it’s December, and I’m having that same internal conversation where I ask myself where the year has gone?! Thankfully, the delicious foodie opportunities of the season make me feel better about time speeding past… it’s party time!!! For the past couple of summers I have been cranking out this absolutely addictive popcorn. It’s… Continue reading Party Popping {Caramel Popcorn}