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Galentine’s Day 2019 {Rainbow-Themed Party}

With the end of February ticking over, I’m looking back on that special time earlier this month, not so much for sweethearts but for gal pals! Our third annual Galentines Day party came with a slightly different theme this year: bright rainbows and cute clouds. It was a fun change to the red-and-pink we usually go with, mainly due to the amazing efforts of my party-planning partner in crime, inquizabeth. In fact, this wouldn’t have happened at all this year if it was up to me {and my sad teethy baby} to organise. But E is a master of party planning! Take the treats table for instance…


I’m sure you’re thinking with me, “those jellies!!!!” 

Yup, they’re her hard work! {alllll the layers} Also the gorgeous rainbow vege platter! Sure, I made a cake, but I do that anyway. And this year, cupcakes {complete with edible butterflies}, choc mint truffles, and gluten/dairy/refined sugar-free bliss balls using this super tasty and versatile recipe.

About that cake, here she is up close, resplendent in millions{?!} of hundreds and thousands with a handful of silver cachous thrown in. Did I mention she’s rainbow on the inside, too…

In terms of cakey details, I used the same method for coating the cake in 100s and 1000s as I did a few years ago for this baby shower cake… by rolling it in the sprinkles! A bit more nerve-wracking this time with a bigger cake, 9″ round and almost as tall. First I crumb-coated the six rainbow layers with a basic buttercream, refrigerated it, added a thicker coat of buttercream, froze it to harden, and added one final thin coat of buttercream before rolling the cake in the 100s and 1000s and silver cachous mixture. The border was added using a #1M Wilton tip by piping sort of half rosettes overlapping kind of in a shell border {I was channelling Brittany May Cakes ❤ }

The cutie cake topper is based on our invitation graphic, and was super fun to create! As I found out, ‘simple’ things can actually take as much work as seemingly complicated things:

But that’s enough from me, can we please take a few minutes to appreciate the handiwork of the best gal pal a girl could ask for?!

We already know that she bakes, but she also decorates…

…she plans super-fun games and activities…

…and she is all-round a wonderful friend who got me a Galentine’s gift {I’m sorry I forgot!!}. Happy Gal’s Day 2019, E!!!



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