A Midsummer Day’s Dream Wedding

The wintry weather has made me long for warmer times… and reminisce about the cakes I made during the summer wedding season. So here’s a post that has been waiting since last summer to see the light of day!


No two cakes are the same, but sometimes I come across a cake quite different to anything I’ve seen before. Maybe I don’t spend enough time on Pinterest (ha!) to have seen a similar one, but when G & J came to me with this cake design I couldn’t quite imagine how it would work out.


Plain buttercream? Ok. Roses? Good so far. Strawberries and raspberries. Hmm. How would that fruit work with the flowers? What if they stained the white buttercream? Or rolled off the cake entirely?! (Actually, that fear did come true at one point…) In my inexperience, I just couldn’t picture it…


Well, as you can see it did indeed work out! But it wasn’t until I’d stacked and decorated the tiers with the flowers (fresh from the mother-of-the-groom’s garden) and added all the delicious berries from The Berry Shop, that I stood back and saw how it all came together.


Unusually, I didn’t take any work-in-progress photos of this cake, so instead please enjoy a few close-ups of the huge, glorious tower of sugar that fed the guests at this dreamy mid-summer wedding.





The cake flavours were chocolate Guinness with dark choc ganache and lemon with vanilla buttercream, iced with American buttercream. The flavours of dreams! (please humour me, trying to get the most out of the title theme…)


As far as I could see, the only non-dreamy thing about the whole day was a bit of rain that meant a change of venue for the reception. Fortunately the super-organised bride and groom had a back-up venue and all were kept happy and dry. They were wonderful to work with, and being a friend to G and her family for many years it was so lovely to have a small part to play in her special day 🙂



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